Art Department

The PHS Art Department is taught by Mr. Chris Jones and has many course offerings for students of all interests and skill levels.

The Art Department has it's hands in many of our school and community projects and programs.  We design publicity posters and programs for all drama and choir productions, build sets and decorations for our annual PHS prom, create permanent art pieces for display around out school campus, enter various annual art contests and competitions and we are very proud of our local RAMpage project that we have been fortunate enough to work on with our local business partners.   
Classes offered in the Art Department include:

Junior High Art 1 and Art 2:  Each class is a semester long and is offered to any and all junior high students.  These are exploratory classes involving drawing, painting and sculpture.

Drawing 1 and 2:  Each of these classes lasts one year.  The Drawing 1 class focuses on learning basic drawing skills, techniques and processes.  The Drawing 2 class builds on those skills and allows the student to explore more of their own talents.

Pre-AP Studio Drawing and AP Studio Drawing:  Each of these classes also last one year.  These classes are reserved for the art student who has already explored two prior years of high school classes and is now prepared to begin to build their own Studio AP portfolio for submission to the College Board for college credit.

Ceramics:  This is a one semester high school class for students interested in working with clay and learning how ceramics and sculpture is built.  A wide variety of hand building techniques are explored as well as learning how to use various ceramic equipment.

Visual Communications:  This is a one semester high school class that focuses on basic graphic design skills.  Hand lettering, poster and logo design are one a few of the topics covered in this class.  

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