Paoli Jr./Sr. Virtual School
(Grades 7-12)

Paoli Virtual Jr.-Sr. High School 

Beginning the 2020-2021 school year, Paoli High School students have an option to enroll full-time in our virtual program. At Paoli we recognize public education offered solely through virtual learning cannot fully replicate the rich experiences, social contexts, and educational value that students receive through in-person settings.  Therefore, we encourage students to use fully virtual learning only when necessary to protect health and safety.

Scope and Delivery

The Paoli Virtual High School will consist of a full-time schedule of class.  These courses are made available through Edmentum’s Plato.  Junior high and high school students will be offered all core courses, AP, and many electives.  

All virtual students will be officially enrolled in Paoli Jr.-Sr. High School and eligible to participate in the school’s extra-curricular activities including athletics, band, clubs, or any school sponsored activities if IHSAA and PHS requirements are met..  

The program consists of stand-alone, self-paced courses.  If additional assistance is needed with a course, a teacher licensed in the subject area will be available to support their learning.  Our certified Virtual Coordinator will be in continuous contact with the student to help promote success in the program.


Student Registration 

A parent or guardian will complete the student’s registration request form for the virtual program through the high school website. The guidance department will contact the parent or guardian to discuss and complete the enrollment request.
NOTE: In addition to the virtual application, out-of-district parents must also register students with the guidance department.

Enrollment Requirements

● Access to reliable Internet

● Submission of PHS Virtual School Enrollment Form

● Self-motivation to complete assignments

Student Device 

Students enrolled in the Paoli Virtual Jr.-Sr. High School will be required to have a school-issued device.

Out of District Student Eligibility 

Students wishing to transfer to Paoli Virtual Jr.-Sr. High School must meet our existing out of district requirements.

Requirements for State Testing 

All virtual students must comply with Paoli Virtual Jr.-Sr. High School Testing Guidelines.

The Guidance Department will work with each student to provide all the information the student needs to attend each testing session. All data from the students’ testing will be included in the data with their assigned school. 

Student Advancement and Graduation 

Students must meet all established requirements to advance to the next grade level or to graduate with a Paoli High School Diploma. Please see graduation requirements in the Student Handbook.

Return to Traditional Classroom Setting

If a student wishes to discontinue virtual instruction and return to a traditional classroom, a meeting must be scheduled with a guidance counselor.

Academic Misconduct 

Academic Misconduct, in any form, is not tolerated. Academic misconduct includes, but is not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, copying another student’s work or allowing another student to copy your work. Virtual students will be held to the same expectations as traditional students set forth in the Student Handbook.