School Meal Accounts & EZ Pay

Paoli Community School Corporation Meal Charging Policy

Students are expected to pay for meals in advance or on the day the meal is served.  Students may not charge meals.

However, since students may be unable to take full responsibility for payments of meals, the cashier may allow the student to charge a lunch and/or breakfast on their lunch/breakfast account.  ($25.00 charge limit)

The following procedure must be followed when a student charges a meal:

If a child forgets his/her lunch and/or breakfast money, they will be allowed to eat that day’s reimbursable meal only.  The child will be expected to bring his/her money for the meal the following day.  A child will not be allowed to charge more than $25.00.  Once they reach the $25.00 limit, the child will not be allowed to receive the regular lunch.  However, the child will not be denied food at breakfast or lunch but will receive an alternate meal.

  1. The cafeteria will send payment reminders for accounts showing a balance of $5 or less on Fridays of each week for elementary and junior/senior high students.  These will be given to the students to take home.

  2. If payment is not received, a letter will be sent to the address on file.  This letter will notify them that the Board reserves the right to take them to small claims court if payment is not received within five (5) working days.  The parent will be responsible for the cost of small claims which adds a substantial amount to the debt.

Applications for free/reduced meals are available in the school offices and on the school web page and can be filled out anytime during the school year.  However, you must be aware that any meals eaten BEFORE the completion and acceptance of the meal application form is the responsibility of the parent.

Adopted:  October 9, 2017


EZSchoolPay How To Guide

Parents, the school offers breakfast from 7:45 to 8:20 a.m., Monday through Friday. Breakfast is 
$.30 for free and reduced, $1.70 paid.  Extra milk is $.40. Lunch is $2.40 ($.40 for reduced students).