Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get into school during school hours?

A. Come to first set of doors and ring bell. Wait for buzzer and push door handle down to open. Please report to the front office to sign in.

Q. Who do I call when a student is sick?

A. Call 723-3905 to report an absence. Student will be excused for the day. You need to call in before 10 a.m. At the time you are calling in you can request homework.

Q. Can a student have a lock for their locker?

A. Yes. Students may purchase locks for $5 at the front office. They will keep this lock.

Q. Where do students get a parking permit?

A. Students come to the office and get a parking permit form, fill it out, get a parent/guardian signature and bring it back to the office to receive a parking permit for their car. There is no charge for this permit but any student driving to school must have one.

Q. Where do students driving to school need to park?

A. Students are allowed to park in 3 different areas:
1) Upper lot near flag pole
2) Rear of building-west side
3) Lot across Elm Street