eLearning Days

Parent Info for eLearning Days 2017

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Paoli Community Schools has been approved to hold the first digital eLearning Days on January 16 and February 20. These days will serve as make-up days in the event of missed school days due to weather. On these days, students will remain at home but will complete their lessons digitally. Much more information will be shared with your student, but as we look ahead here is what you need to know to be prepared. 

Q: What exactly is an eLearning Day?
A: An eLearning Day is a way for Paoli Schools to make up missed time digitally, without adding a day to the school calendar in May. 

Q: If we do not have a day out of school before January 16, will we still have an eLearning Day?
A: No. This day will just become a day off from school to honor Martin Luther King Day. The same will apply for the February 20 date, President's Day. We only have an eLearning Day if we are making up time due to winter weather.

Q: My student does not have access to the internet at home, how will he/she complete their eLearning assignments?
A: Your son/daughter's teacher is working to prepare lessons for the eLearning Day that will be completely accessible "offline" -- meaning they will not need the internet to complete, just a device. 

Q: Will all eLearning activities require devices to complete?
A: No, some teachers will be supplementing assignments with paper assignments also, known as a "blended" approach. Your son/daughter's teacher will make sure all assignment requirements will be clearly explained. 

Q: My son/daughter has an IEP, and utilizes a resource teacher for assignments. How will the eLearning Day impact them?
A: All special education teachers will have access to the eLearning lessons before the actual eLearning Day, and will provide any and all accommodations needed for completion.

Q: Does this day count as a regular school day? How will my son/daughter's attendance be calculated?

A: If we need to utilize these days as make-up days for weather it WILL count as a regular school day -- just one that is completed from home. Students will earn their attendance for this day by completing the assignments and turning them in to the teacher by a specific time. 

More information will be made available closer to the first eLearning Day, but if you have questions please use the contacts below.

For Junior High/High School Questions: 
Principal Chad Johnson (johnsonc@paooli.k12.in.us)
eLearning Coordinator Heather Nichols (nicholshj@paoli.k12.in.us)

For Elementary School Questions:
Principal Wes Whitfield (whitfieldw@paoli.k12.in.us)
eLearning Coordinator Aaron Hannon (hannona@paoli.k12.in.us)