Early College Accuplacer

Since we have partnered with Ivy Tech Community College to provide our Early College opportunities, students must meet certain criteria to be eligible for the college credits associated with each Early College course. In some cases, student must show college readiness in areas of math, reading, and writing. This college readiness can many times be shown through currently administered exams including PSAT, SAT, and/or ACT. However, since many Early College applicants have not yet had an opportunity to take these tests, Ivy Tech provides additional testing opportunities through the use of ACCUPLACER. This test is given free of charge within PHS so that there is no additional financial or time burden to students or parents. However, if students do not initially meet eligibility requirements through testing, they will:

First, with the assistance of your guidance counselor:
Determine which areas (reading, writing, and/or math) must be addressed

Second, through the resources available through Ivy Tech at https://www.ivytech.edu/ivyprep/3126.html:
Identify remediation strategies/services to address those content areas

Retake the ACCUPLACER in needed content areas 

Students will be given three (3) testing opportunities in each rolling calendar year. If a student does not meet eligibility requirements for a specific course, they would need to work with their guidance counselor to adjust their schedule so that the course can be taken at a later date if college credit is desired.