Early College FAQ

  1. What is a dual college credit?  A dual college credit is a high school course that has been accredited by a higher education institution and therefore counts as both a high school and a college credit.
  2. What does Early College mean?  Early College is a term used to describe programs developed within high schools that promote students towards dual college credit opportunities in a variety of paths.
  3. What does Core 30 mean? The Core 30 is an agreed upon block of dual credits that according to state law must be accepted at all state funded universities.  Some private universities also accept the Core 30.
  4. How much does it cost? Currently, there is no additional cost for students to take college credit classes. 
  5. Where will the college credits transfer once they are earned? The state of Indiana has developed the Core Transfer Library (CTL) to assist you in seeing how credits transfer between institutions. In general, all Core 30 credits will transfer to all public Indiana institutions. More information about the CTL can be found at www.transferin.net.
  6. Does my son/daughter have to be an advanced student to participate? No. In fact, the Early College program is designed to target middle achieving (2.3 GPA) students.