Early College Pathways

As mentioned in the information section, there are three Early College pathways from which students can choose. The first, the Career Pathways, include 16 career sequences in which students complete a variety of dual-college credits and industry-based certifications in career and technical education (CTE) courses. Many of these pathways have no prerequisite (testing or otherwise) to begin, and most are carried out through Lost River Career Cooperative. The complete list of Career Pathway options are found HERE.

The second Early College pathway, the Transfer General Education Core (TGEC) Pathway, otherwise known as the "Core 30" pathway, provides the student access to a minimum of 30 transferable college credits that are accepted by all state and some private colleges and universities. The credits earned are all academic (non-vocational) in nature and include English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and the Humanities. Students following this pathway must meet ACCUPLACER or other testing prerequisite scores to earn the college credit associated with each course. For a checklist outlining the requirements for the TGEC "Core 30" Pathway, go HERE.

The third and final pathway leads to an Associate of General Studies through Ivy Tech Community College. This pathway will require students to complete both the Core 30 requirements as well as Career Pathways to earn the necessary 60 college credits. Because of the rigor and time commitment required to complete the Associate's degree, students must follow a strict four-year plan to ensure all course requirements are met for both an Indiana High School diploma as well as the Associate's Degree. The structured four-year plan can be found HERE.